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New 3rd Generation Ice Machines

Stuart Icemakers is pleased to announce the release of the new Generation 3 range of Australian made
cube icemakers.

Our upgraded ice machines include the following upgrades

  • New control board
  • New display board
  • Half dice or full dice option of cube size
  • HP control to protect the compressor should the fan fail
  • R448a refrigerant

These upgrades apply to the SC130, SC220, SC270 and SC500 model ice machines

New Control & Display Board

The new control board continues to be made in Australia and has some significant enhancements.

All functions are now operated through the main control board and the machine will actually operate
without the display board attached. This eliminates any confusion about which board is faulty when
diagnosing problems.

Ice thickness is now adjusted via the + and – buttons on the display board at the front of the machine without the need to remove any panels or access the float switch at the side of the machine.

Additional Ice Cube sizes

In addition to our current standard 10-12 gram cube size we can now also offer a half dice cube. This is better suited to those venues using blenders for drinks.

New Refrigerant

Make ice in more environmentally friendly machines thanks to R448a refrigerant.

From 1st.June 2021 all machines will use R448a refrigerant. After thorough testing we have found no difference in performance between R404a and R448a and have not needed to change TX valves or capillary tubes, so R448a is a perfect “drop in” replacement on existing R404a Stuart icemakers.

R448a has the significant benefit of having only 1/3rd of the Global Warming Potential of R404a.

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