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Howe Industrial Flakers

Howe industrial ice flaker machine

Stuart Ice Makers have been an Australian distributor for HOWE industrial flakers and parts for 20 years. The Howe name has been highly regarded in flake ice making industry for almost 60 years.

The HOWE Rapid Freeze produces from 500 kg to 20 tonnes of flake ice daily.

Howe Rapid Freeze  Flaker has been providing the following for 60 Years:

  • Reliability a machine you can always depend on.
  • Durability Rapid freeze is massively and solidly built, the evaporate carries a 10 – 25 year warranty depending on the model (fresh water only).
  • High Capacity & Fast Recovery
  • High Quality Ice 100% sub cooled ice with exceptional cooling power.
  • Flexibility A diversity of refrigerants, condensing units and applications.

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