SC1000CB Ice Cuber

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SC1000CB Self Contained



The SC1000CB Ice cuber is capable of producing 1136 KG of ice per day and has a storage capacity of 320 KG

This  ice cuber machine is a top quality self-contained unit, built with locally sourced parts which will make acquiring replacement parts cheaper and faster.

Stuart Ice Makers designs and manufactures every ice cuber machine with great attention to detail, to deliver high quality products that meet your ice making needs!


? Capacity up to 1136kg per day
? Ice Storage Capacity: up to 320kg
? Fully microprocessor controlled
? Lifetime warranty* on microprocessor
? 2 years warranty on all other parts and labour
? All locally sourced components- replacement parts are cheaper and more readily available
? 304 grade Stainless Steel Cabinet
? Food grade polyethylene bin liner with non CFC foamed-in-place insulation
? Nickel plated, double-sided evaporator
? Can be supplied with or without storage bin
? Easy maintenance. Convenient access to all components
? Minimal water wastage
? Available as self contained air cooled, remote air cooled or water cooled


W 1050 x D 930 x H 1992
(Includes 150mm Legs)

*Refer Warranty Schedule For Full Details

SCU Ice Maker Range, Brochure




10 Amps per phase with neutral

Ice Making Capacity

Ambient Temp
( °Celcius)
24 Hours

21 15 1136

21 21 992

32 21 948

38 21 864


Floor waste within 2 metres of machine

Shipping Detail (cm)

Head only 175Kg
Remote Condenser 35kg
Bin only 90Kg

water Supply

3/4″ BSP male stop cock within 1.5 metres
of left hand side of machine. Logo

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