Ice Fill Stations (IFS900 to IFS4800)

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Ice Fill Station(IFS) 1000 series

48" Ice Fill Station (IFS1000-125)

60" Ice Fill Station(IFS1300-125)

72" Ice Fill Station(IFS1700-125)

96" Ice Fill Station (IFS3500-125)

Ice Fill Station features

? Standard cart(s) are included
? Capacities and crated weights include the cart(s) and are variable
? 1 1/2″ foamed in-place polyurethane insulation
? Convenient snout door spring hinge
? Stainless steel baffle behind door prevents ice overflow
? Clear polycarbonate sliding view windows


Model Width Depth Height Capacity
Single Cart Models
IFS900-125 914mm  864mm  2375mm  450kg
IFS900-250 914mm  864mm  2565mm  450kg
IFS1000-125 1219mm  864mm  2070mm  527kg
IFS1200-125 1219mm  864mm  2375mm  661kg
IFS1000-250 1219mm  864mm  2261mm  527kg
IFS1200-250 1219mm  864mm  2565mm  661kg
IFS1300-125 1524mm  864mm  2070mm  667kg
IFS1600-125 1524mm  864mm  2375mm  837kg
IFS1800-125 1524mm  1219mm  2096mm  989kg
IFS2300-125 1524mm  1219mm  2400mm  1236kg
IFS1300-250 1524mm  864mm  2261mm  667kg
IFS1600-250 1524mm  864mm  2565mm  837kg
IFS1800-250 1524mm  1219mm  2286mm  989kg
IFS2300-250 1524mm  1219mm  2591mm  1236kg
IFS3500-125 2439mm  1219mm  2096mm  1613kg
IFS3400-125 2439mm  1219mm  2604mm  2286kg
IFS4800-125 2439mm  1219mm  3112mm  2958kg
IFS3500-250 2439mm  1219mm  2096mm  1613kg
IFS3400-250 2439mm  1219mm  2604mm  2286kg
IFS4800-250 2439mm  1219mm  3112mm  2958kg
Double Cart Models
IFS1700-125 1828mm  863mm  2096mm  825kg
IFS2400-125 1828mm  863mm  2604mm  1168kg
IFS2500-125 1828mm  1219mm  2096mm  1197kg
IFS2700-125 1828mm  1219mm  2604mm  1696kg
IFS1700-250 1828mm  863mm  2096mm  825kg
IFS2400-250 1828mm  863mm  2604mm  1168kg
IFS2500-250 1828mm  1219mm  2096mm  1197kg
IFS2700-250 1828mm  1219mm  2604mm  1696kg


  • Seamless poly liner
  • Height includes 32.5″ high square tube base on 125’s and 41.5″ on 250’s
  • Standard ABS top for 34″ deep units
  • -125 denotes a PCC125 cart
  • -250 denotes a PCC250 cart

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