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Kloppenberg Carts



Kloppenberg Carts - Common Features

? PCC-125 – 125lb capacity(56kg)
? CC-250 / PCC-250 – 250lb capacity (113kg)
? CC-300 – 300lb capacity(136kg)
? CC-250 / CC-300 include Rugged 5″ castors, 2 x fixed, 2 x swivel with brakes
? PCC-125 / PCC-250 include easily maneuvered 5″ front and 10″ rear castors
? Stainless steel exterior
? Seamless poly-insulated liner
? Center split hinged lids open to the cart sides
? Hand style foot-operated drain


Model Width Depth Height
PCC-125 559mm 737mm 737mm
PCC-250 559mm 762mm 965mm
CC-250 610mm 762mm 965mm
CC-300 610mm 914mm 864mm

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