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Ice Machines

Looking for ice machines for your restaurant, hotel or bar?

Stuart Ice Makers designs and manufactures ice machines with great attention to detail, to deliver high quality products that meet your ice making needs. Support an australian owned and run business and get machines designed and manufactured in Australia with industry knowledge accrued over 60 years, plus the ease of local parts & maintenance.

Our machines are made with a food grade lining which makes them perfect for the seafood, hospitality and retail industries!

Our machines are top quality self-contained units, built with locally sourced parts which makes acquiring replacement parts cheaper and faster!

Contact us via the link below to get the best ice machines for your business today!

IMD100 Ice Dispensing Machine

IM-100 Ice Dispenser Machine


  • Chunklet ice hygienically stored & dispensed. Ideal for self-service applications
  • Food grade polyethylene bin liner

  • Capacity: up to 100kg per day
  • Ice Storage Capacity: 4Kg

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