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Uprights: Prison Packages

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Uprights: Prison Packages



Upright: Prison-Package Features

? 20 Gauge stainless steel liner (seamed or fully welded)
? Stainless steel snout with lockable door
? Stainless steel top closure
? 6″ Stainless steel bolt down flanged legs
? Stainless steel view window cover plate
? Security Fasteners for authorised removal


Model Width Depth Height Capacity
Single Door Upright – Prison Package
705* 762mm  914mm 1473mm 336kg
905* 762mm  1219mm  1956mm 464kg
965 914mm  914mm  1702mm 485kg
1045* 1219mm  864mm  1397mm 526kg
1315* 1219mm  864mm  1702mm 661kg
1325* 1524mm  864mm  1397mm 667kg
1665* 1524mm  1219mm  1702mm 837kg
1915 1524mm  1219mm  1422mm 989kg
2415 1524mm  1219mm  1727mm 1236kg
Double Door Uprights – Prison Package
1455 1829mm 864mm 1422mm 824kg
2215 1829mm 864mm 1930mm 1168kg
2115 1829mm 1219mm 1422mm 1197kg
3225 1829mm 1219mm 1930mm 1696kg
4325 1829mm 1219mm 2438mm 2195kg
2845 2438mm 1219mm 1422mm 1613kg
4345 2438mm 1219mm 1930mm 2286kg
5835 2438mm 1219mm 2438mm 2598kg


* Denotes poly liners, otherwise stainless steel

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